As part of the commission that Nicolas posted about earlier, on our NV blog, I made two large patchwork fabric banners. I wanted to create something for this project that was both high impact, especially in terms of bringing some colour into the space, and also that was process driven. I had been playing with paper assemblages and collage that led me to this. Taking inspiration from Louise Bourgeois’ fabric works I collected a variety of fabrics, trying to react to whatever caught my eye, and put them together in a very¬†instinctive¬†simple way and stitch them together.

It was the first fabric piece I’ve done for a while and reminded of when I used to attempt bigger things that were out of my comfort zone and immediate skill set. It was exciting and a real return to just doing something and seeing what happens.

I call them ‘See What Happens’. They are now hanging up in the University of Loughborough’s art department ‘Radar’ building.